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what the hell is a stiles

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Peeta and the elevator scene

His lashes open and his eyes meet mine. ‘Careful,” he says weakly. ‘There’s a force field ahead.’ I laugh, but there are tears running down my cheeks.

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And the nominees are…
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i can’t just turn this on.  i’ m   n o t   l i k e   y o u   g u y s .
i don’t have claws, or glowing eyes or super senses.

           i  j u s t   h a v e  … v o i c e s   i n   m y   h e a d.

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The Houses that, like pillars four had once held up our school now turned upon each other and divided, sought to rule.

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- Baby:
- Mom:
- Baby:
The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

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Stiles Stilinski in season three episode twenty-three, “Insatiable”

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Johanna Mason: Statuesque Allure

The Capitol has outdone itself once again.  Still basking in the stoic radiance that was last year’s stunning Capitol Portraits, we here at Capitol Couture have nevertheless been waiting eagerly for the next wave of incredible images of our cherished elite. Fresh from the excitement of the most eventful Quarter Quell to date, we are thrilled and honored to present the new Capitol Citizen Living Portraits.  

As our Quarter Quell victors, Peeta Mellark and Johanna Mason hold the distinct honor of being the first Capitol citizens featured within a Living Portrait.  Here we see Johanna in an exquisite Alon Livne creation that “juxtaposes the flowing drapery of classic statuary while the super modern and sculptural iridescent white bodice references the branch motif of the Panem Seal.”  With plunging lines and slits as daring and divine as the warrior woman herself, every element of Johanna’s ensemble (including her Alexander Wang shoes and hand-carved marble bangles by Chen Chen and Kai Williams) exudes her fierce strength and enduring pride- a true darling of the Capitol.

Already all the rage with the Capitol elite, Capitol families are lining up to view these astoundingly realistic hologram displays in person. Citizens can witness the artist’s hand-selected series of Capitol Citizen Living Portraits in person at SOCA this summer.    

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